This website shows the activities I undertake during my spare time either creative projects, our garden or holidays inside the Netherlands or abroad. Hopefully the information inspires you. If any detailed informatie is needed, please let me know via

Creative juices thrive on variation. Hence, I never work on one project only. At present my work in progress consists of a table runner, witch, sexy lady and three birds of paradise. Furthermore I am creating a growing family of Fat Ladies, so-called Dikke Dushis. Progress overview is provided step-by-step.

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Work In Progress

What do glass blowing, organs and Jazz have in common?

The answer is more simple than meets the eye; they all are part of this website's page on Dutch Museums. They are accompanied by ceramics, textiles, glass, copperware and the Hansa city Elburg. Take your pick and get inspired by this unusual compilation!

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Decorations created for both house and garden.

Homemade jewelry, doilies, needle craft and more.

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Photo impression of our continuously changing garden. With Specials on Pond, Autumn Impressions, Fauna and Fungi.


Needle craft



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'Expanding your horizon' is something we have taken to hearth. Both personal as well as for business reasons we have crossed (country) bounderies multiple times. Highlights of those travels are shared on the relevant pages. Now and again combined with a bit of history or peculiar experiences. A separate section has been reserved for the destinations that are labeled 'World Heritage Sites'.  .

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the Netherlands






As all albums have been retrieved from the attick, all photos and information about our travels, moves and explorations are shared in the some order as they occured. An overview can be found on the page 'Timeline'.

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Below photos link to the relevant pages. Photos can be enlarged by clicking unless the photo is linked to another page. If you are in need for more detailed information follow the links to external pages.  Pages or sections marked 'Under Construction' are being worked on. Wishing you fun in scrolling through.


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Expansion at Animal Farm

My Animal Farm has been extended considerably with Chick Coba and her softer sister Coby, furthermore Bison Bert, very orange Crazy Bird and two Cute Sheep. 

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In 2018 lukte het helaas niet om deel te nemen aan het Kunst Zonder Grenzen Kunst Zonder Beperkingen weekend, maar in juni 2019 was het wèl zover. Eind vrijdagmiddag 21 juni vertrek ik voor drie dagen vol inspiratie, plezier, voldoening en kunst richting Landgoed Gaia Yggdrasil in Loon op Zand voor de 8e editie van het zo succesvolle kunstenaarsweekend dat in het teken zal staan van het 50-jarig jubileum van initiatiefnemer en hoofdsponsor ASVZ.