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Birds of Paradise

Sexy Lady


Table Runner

gallery/deco - buiten - paradijsvogels (8) (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - sexy lady (5) (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - heks (14) (small)
gallery/rollen (small)

First you start with different doilies and then fill up corners and sides to get to a rectangular table runner which gets stored as a papyrus-roll.

My neighbor Rinus found some dumped mannequins of which two were kindly put up for adoption - an opportunity I jumped at.

One is gradually changing into witch 'Grimmy' (yes, she is named after Grimhilde).

The second mannequin will be dressed up with 'lace' underwear and will be seated in the garden when ready.

Two out of three.  Materials used are tinfoil, masking tape and Powertex (textile hardener).

The third one will be given feathers but this will require some experimenting.

A number of my (biggest) projects, are illustrated in detail on the following pages. I always work on a multitude of projects as I want to be able to choose depending on my mood, time available and creative juices as creativity should not be forced.

Work in Progress