This website shows the activities I undertake during my spare time either creative projects, our garden or holidays inside the Netherlands or abroad. Hopefully the information inspires you. If any detailed informatie is needed, please let me know via

My Creations

The world's biggest pipe organ, Amish, chocolate, glass, airplanes and more


Our roadtrip through eight American states was flat out wonderful. A nice variety of interesting visits, explorations and encounters. Follow in our footsteps via our travel diary.

Photo impression of our continuously changing garden. With Specials on Pond, Autumn Impressions, Fauna and Fungi.

Our Garden

The Netherlands





As all albums have been retrieved from the attick, all photos and information about our travels, moves and explorations are shared in the some order as they occured. An overview can be found on the page 'Timeline'.


Everybody deserves an angel now and again


This yerar no Christmas Tree but a big effort to create some new festive decorations whilst keeping the popular ones from last year. Upto you to decide if these efforts have been successful. 

Art without Limitations, Art without Restrictions

On Friday afternoon 21st June I leave home for three days full of inspiration, fun, satisfaction and art on the Gaia Yggdrasil Estate in Loon op Zand for the 8th consecutive edition of the successful artists' weekend.


Themes can be recognized in what we do and what we visit. By adding a special section on those, they will be easier to locate.


Those themes are Zoos, Dutch history and cities, Gardens others than our own, City Trips, Maritime, Airplanes, World Heritage, Curiosity and our Roadtrips. Enjoy!

My Creations are divided in: Art for Indoors and Outdoors, Christmas Decorations, Beading, Needle Art, Work In Progress and The Making Of.

Furthermore a special on the initiative 'Art without Limitations, Art without Restrictions'.

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Our World

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