South Africa

Africa size wise is the world's second largest continent on Earth; only outrun by Asia. With about 11.7 million square miles (mainland and adjacent islands together), it covers 20.3% of the world's total land area. There live over 1.2 billion people, representing about 16% of the world population. Africa consists of 54 independent and 11 non-independent territories. Our visits to this continent have been limited to the rich and furtile northcoast. We are planning a visit to South Africa in the forseeable future.

The history of Egypt always intrigued me. (Somewhere there is still an embroidery project of the death mask of Tut-ankh-Amun and even one of my beading projects is based on the same.) During our trip in 2002 we visited all well-known sites: the pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Karnak, Valley of Kings and much more.

Tunesia is a republic in North-Africa sandwiched in between Algeria and Libia, at the Mediterranean Sea.

We visited Tunesia in 1986 and are still looking back to this visit with mixed emotions. Thus for various reasons: our last full board booking as zucchini was served with every single meal (we still do not put them on our menu), first time we encountered the phenomenon of 'let's put our towels on the sunbeds before 6 o'clock in the morning', grew an absolute dislike for big cramped dining rooms where you are seated randomly with total strangers and an unpleasant encounter with the very unhospital (crumpy) attitude of service staff during the Ramadan period.

Luckily, the sights, structures and nature were worth the visit.