Art for Outdoors

Sometimes beautiful in its simplicity and sometimes an enormous undertaking. Sometimes a solitair project and sometimes with the help of others.But always a lot of fun.

An enormous joined project. After taking out some conifers we got a uninspiring view on the dead wall of the garage next door. Together with the neighbors we agreed on a 'bottle object'. Multiple visits to recycling shops (Christa), a deal with 'our' restaurant (Yvon) and endless drilling of holes (Arno with support of Rinus) has resulted in a very nice garden object consisting of 104 (now empty) bottles.

gallery/web - homepage - decoraties (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - pollepels (1) (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - pa pinkelman (2) (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - fotolijsten tuin 2 (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - hobbelpaard (small)
gallery/tuin-deco-duimpje1 (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - little mermaid (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - roman vase finished2 (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - marietje (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - reiger (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - glazenbol (2) (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - varia - pauw (small)

Presently I am working on a second outdoor painting (3D in this case) and a sexy lady. The big size Fat Lady has not progressed much yet, but creativity cannot be forced.

gallery/deco - buiten - dd opbouw wip (small)
gallery/deco - buiten - sexy lady (4) (small)

This large 'Gnome' will find a nice spot in the garden in spring 2020; at the moment we allow him to stay in hiding in our home.