Belgium (BE)


Cadouin (FR)

Mainly the many pilgrims worshiping the 'loincloth' of Christ (brought to Cadouin by the Crusaders) contributed to the riches of the Cistercian Abbey. Investigations in 1934 have proven it to be as ancient as the Crusades (i.e. 11th century) and from Egyptian origin.

The Cutty Sark (UK)

In 2016 I have been able to visit The Cutty Sark, the last remaining tea clipper in Europe, during a hospitality event. A lovely opportunity to wander around without stumbling over massive amounts of selfies-making tourists.

Greece (GR)

We have visited several Mediterranean islands over the years (Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus) but Kos is surely our favorite. Especially the friendliness and resilience of the locals is commendable; surely in the light of the enormous influx of refugees in 2016 and the earthquakes in 2017.

Italy (IT)

During business travel there is normally hardly any time for sightseeing. However, when visiting Milano in 2015 during the little spare time I got treated on four of my favorite things: a warm friendship, color, a lot of greens and an Italian ice cream at 38°C - the temperature being a bit over the top though.

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Denmark (DK)


Austria (AT)


Portugal (PT)


United Kingdom (UK)

Often visited both on business and leisure. Businesswize this includes Ireland and Scotland but unfortunately no photo's to proof it. London on my own, with hubby and once even with my parents.

A visit to the Cutty Sark was memorable.

Spain (E)


Croatia (HR)

Cyprus (CY)

Luxemburg (LUX)


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