Kos (GR)

Kos is one of our favorite holiday destinations since 2001. With over 25 visits in the meantime, this Greek (biking) island close to the Turkish coast, feels like a second home. It rains only occasionally (but when it rains it pores) and with always a slight breeze, it is a great place to visit in pre and post season. Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese with its 295 square kilometers.

Kos Town

Hippocrates born in Kos, in 460 B.C. laid the groundwork for modern medical science. Remains of the very first hospital founded by Hippocrates are still to be found on Kos. The hospital was called Asklepion, named after Asclepius,  god of medicine and healing according to ancient Greek mythology.

Although taking the Oath of Hippocrates is no longer mandatory at graduation, the aesculapius staff is still used frequently as symbol by pharmacists and doctors.

Modern Medicine

Flora (& 1x Fauna)