"Move your horizon and get amazed" - outside (and sometimes inside) our borders we love to be taken by surprise by deviations of what we know or recognize. Below you will find the truth about women, a technical approach to toilet usage, bike repair in Oslo, free interpretation of traffic rules, getting married to order pizza and more.

2017 - NL - It seems impossible in overpopulated and fully developed  Holland but sometimes you are 'in the middle of nowhere'.

2015 - Oslo - A bicycle repair unit for public use. Not to be found in my own bike oriented nation.

2016 - London - The hotel in The Shard is equipped with the latest technical gadgets but if they all make you happy...... I could warm up to the toilet with remote control in my room..... but I visualize too easily ..... to like the idea of uploading whilst off loading....

2016 - NL

It does require a fair amount of investments....

2015 - NL

Finally acknowledgement.

2016 - Curaçao (Caribbean)

First we thought we did not understand the rules of the game but it now has been confirmed: they do as they please; the signalling habits are hilarious.

2015 - Tel Aviv, Israel

The ultimate example of 'meeting halfways': clear indication in English that you need to make a choice and the possibilities subsequently being explained in Hebrew.

2009 - USA

Marrying as a minor in USA is not a problem but visiting Pizza Hut unsupervised is!