Art without Boundaries - Art without Limitations

In 2018 I had to cancel, but this year I have been able to join the 'Art without Boundaries - Art without Limitations'-weekend in June 2019. At the end of Friday 21 June I left home for three days full of inspiration, fun, satisfaction and art in the direction of the Gaia Yggdrasil Estate in Loon op Zand (in the South) for the 8th edition of this very successful art weekend in the light of the 50 years existance of the initiator and main sposor ASVZ, a health organisation with focus on mentally impaired people.

ASVZ has an ARTISTS dream. Customer-artists to be artists in full.


Like previously the United by Music initiative, during this weekend ASVZ aims at continuous attention and talent development of as well as the possive effects for artists with a mental handicap.  Especially with this vulnarable group follow-up is essential. At United musicians are continously stimulated and supported resylting in growth of both the musician as well as the person leading to an increase of their sustainable role in society.


Each year the customer-artists, artists and staff cannot wait to dive into the 'Art without Boundaries - Art without Limitations'-weekend. Way it advance the question is raised several times when the weekend is going to take place. And the 'virus' spreads, more and more people get infected by the artistic vibes and the group of artists joining and learning is growing further supported by a likewise growing team of volunteering ASVZ staff.

On Saturday evening - following tradition - some serious dancing happened on the music of the band United by Music.


This band has been formed on the principle that all people are equal and should be allowed to express themselves by singing, dancing of making music. The difference between musicians with or without mental disability completely disappears. All and everyone swings like crazy!


After starting United by Music in the Netherlands

(www.unitedbymusic.nl) the organisation in the meantime expanded to Norway, Romania and USA (www.ubmna.org).

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Year on year the group of customer-artists and artist is growing. In 2019 we enjoyed the presence of over 30 clustomer-artists joined by 20 artsts. We worked in clusters and certain themes such as 1. Painting (and Drawing) 2. Design (Clay/Ceramics/Bronze/Mosaic/Textiles/Wool) and 3. Video Art (DigiArt/Video/Photography).  All of this supported by a construction crew of volunteers and mentors of participating customers, who either did or did not participate in the creative activities, all aiming at the most effective participation by the customer-artists and their requests. This year again, the learning effect has been considerable as well as useful. Furthermore, some follow-up projects have been started between mentor and customer-artist.

At the start 12 customer-artists joined, the 2nd year 16, from the 3rd year 20 en 2019 over 30 customer-artists participated. The cooperation with customer-artitsts and the interaction between all present is magnificent. I am absolutely going to be part of the 9th edition of the 'Art without Boundaries - Art without Limitations'-weekend.


My participation resulted in:

* satisfactory working for and with others * contributing to the social functioning of a vulnerable group * being a tutor to support further skills' development of fellow artists * finding further inspiration for my own art * expanding my netwerk of other artists * an exhibition at the end of day 2 for invited guests * a tremendous amount of fun * 


If you want to contirbute to the 2020 version, let me know via ybms@yvonbus.nl and I will get you in touch with the organisors of this excellent initiative.

Exhibition 2019 - Theme: Fairytale Meadows

Why I am going to join again in 2020 (19, 20 and 21 June) ! Why don't you?