Special: Fauna

2017 has been a year of extremes; the Great Tit abandoned their 9 young due to a lack of the special worms required to feed them, followed by Daisy Duck first loosing 8 eggs followed by another 7 to the magpies. Luckily -as you can tell by above photo- these losses have been compensated nicely by the three young long-eared owls now living in our garden.

gallery/2017 tuin - fauna - drie ransuilen (small)



Longeared Owl

Blue Heron eats frog

Black Tits

Almost every year Black Tits are using the nesting cabinet in the back garden. The webcam installed by Arno allows us to keep a close eye on the hatching progress.

Daisy Duck

Unfortunately Daisy's efforts to hide herself and her eggs in the bushes were futile.  But as Donald has been absent the entire time it is very unlikely that the eggs where fertilized anyway.

gallery/2010 tuin - fauna - koolmees eieren (small)
gallery/2010 tuin - fauna - koolmees jongen (small)
gallery/2017 tuin - fauna - eend katrien (7) (small)
gallery/2017 tuin - fauna - eend katrien (8) (small)
gallery/2005 tuin - fauna - koninginnepage (small)

A variety of garden visitors

gallery/2005 tuin - lente - uitvliegende mieren2 (small)
gallery/2012 tuin - fauna - grote bonte specht (small)

All movies are made by Arno.