The making of....

A variety of materials is used as is shown on the detailed photos of the various projects: chicken wire, barbed wire, styrofoam, tinfoil, masking tape, clay, textile hardener, tube insulation.... and more. If you want to know the details on a specific object, drop me an email.



Bull Herman

Fat Lady

We have visited the Carribean island of Curaçao a number of times during which we have enjoyed the Carnaval as well as the Harvest Parade. Photos of this lovely island will soon be added to the website.

The colorful dresses in those parades have inspired me to create my first Dikke Dushi.

All of the Dikke Dushis (DDs) are created the same way: frame of electricity wire, tin foil, masking tape, layer of clay (of paper maché), lovely bright colors with acrylic paint and a lacker finish. DD Bonita has been joined in the meantime by a number of sisters which can be found on their own page.


Birds of Paradise

An iron bar combined with some blunt force leads to a basic frame. Lots of tin foil added to the correct places with masking tape and a form starts to evolve. Clay made from Powertex + Stone Art (and that requires more endurance and muscle power than you would expect) followed by covering and coloring inclueding smartening up with little clay balls. And last but not least the finishing touch by paint brushing.