The timeline on this page is showing when we have been 'traveling'. In some cases traveling through the Netherlands due to choosing a different place to live or -more frequently- traveling the globe during holidays. All destinations will be incorporated in the Index being built at present. There are a number of places we frequented such as the southern states of the USA, Curaçao and Kos; the photographs taken during these multiple visits have been compiled in one place.


The destinations in black are still to be added; the ones in blue are available and link to the appropriate pages in this website.


Medemblik (NL)

Deventer (NL)

Aachen (DE) | Monchau (DE) | Cologne (DE) | Paris (FR)

Haarlem (NL)

Warnsveld (Zutphen) (NL)

Algarve (PT) - my first flight

Lelystad(NL) - the first house we own

Honeymoon to Croatia (CR) | Copenhagen (DK) | Bersillies l'Abbeye (BE)

Amsterdam (NL) | London (GB) | New York (USA) | Venice(IT) | Pisa (IT) | Grasse (FR) | Estartit (ES)

Road Trip: Bangkok, Java, Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore (Asia)

Châtel (FR) | London & Henley Royal Regatta (GB)

Kirchberg (AU) | London (GB) | New York (USA)

Road Trip: Edmonton (CAN) and Niagara Falls, Hawaii, Los Angeles (USA)

Gran Canaria (ES) | Kirchberg (AU)

Road Trip: Florida, New York (USA) en Bahamas (CAR)

Germany (DE) | Kirchberg (AU)

Tenerife (ES) | Kirchberg (AU)

Rhodes (GR) | Tunesia (Africa)

Crete (GR)

Aruba and Curaçao (CAR) | Kirchberg (AU)

Living in England for 13 months (GB)

Road Trip: Arizona, California, Nevada (USA)

Scheffau (AU) | London (GB)

Ibiza (ES) | Corfu (GR) | Aachen (DE) | Strasbourg (FR) | Kirchberg (AU)

St. Moritz (CH) | Paris (FR) | Pass Thurn (AU) | Salzburg (AU)

Lelystad (NL): the second house we own

Mosel region (DE)

Algarve (PT) | Eilat (IL)

Road Trip: Alberta, British Columbia (CAN)

Kos (GR)

Road Trip: Maleisia (incl. Langkawi), Singapore (Asia)

Madrid (ES)

Curaçao (CAR)

Garden trip: Southern England (GB)

Road Trip: Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina (USA)

Strasbourg (FR) | Crete (GR) | Boston (SA)

Road Trip: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah (USA)

Curaçao (CAR)

Cadouin (FR)

Athens (GR) | Cyprus (GR)

Road Trip: Egypt (Africa)


Garden trip: Northern France (FR)

Road Trip: Bangkok, Singapore (Oriental Express) (Asia)